Sun Jan 7, 2018

Got out for a quick fish Monday on New Year's Day. Cold as shit like our last time on Christmas Eve... except we didn't catch anything lol. Some midges out though and did see a couple random risers. Hopefully warmer temps this week may turn that into more midges and more consistent risers, we will have to see. The Spokane is the best option right now outside of Rocky Ford despite our slow fishing the other day, I would go back in a heart beat and plan on it later this week. Stripping streamers through slow currents or eddies and nymphing the stone / prince combo will be best winter tactics or options. Get your flies down and keep them down. The lower Spokane below Hangman Cr. still has some color but should be good in a couple days. Above Hangman and the upper are good.
Fishing report from Silver Bow Fly Shop